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Moms, we all know the saying it takes a village, no matter the age or number of children, we have used our village along the way. The same is true when rediscovering ourselves as moms. We believe all moms can be happy, fit, and strong. We provide the classes and nutrition support that will guide you to your fit mom-self. The definition of a fit mom is different for everyone, it can be leaving your house for the first time with your infant to take a walk, taking a class on 4 hours of sleep, entering back into the 5K world and crossing the finish line with a smile, or simply finding your fitness routine that works for you!

 Our goal is to bring moms together and create fun workouts and social events! Classes are designed to meet all fitness levels.  Do you want to try out a class? Find your new fitness routine? Run a 5K? Join our village and be a fit mom for yourself and your family!   

Come for the workout, leave with your village!




M - 10-11 - Cancelled. 

Sat - 9-10 - Longfellow Youth Sports Zone, Wayland  (Always running!). We will be outside soon! 

New - Starting April 5!

Fridays - 9:39-10:30, Fairbanks Community Center or Outside the center. 4 week session, sign up thru Sudbury Parks and Rec. 

BabyFit Baby Wearing


Stay tuned for updates on a new schedule!

MamaFit Bootcamp


New - Starting April 22

M - 7:30 - 8:15 PM

Fairbanks Community Center or Outside the center

W - 7:30 PM Run & Core

Meet up - Fairbanks Community Center

Village Events

Pop Up Classes

We offer a number of free and and fee-based pop up classes at local libraries, mom groups, stores, and breweries. Yes, breweries! What's better than babies and beer?

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Mom's Night Out

We offer monthly moms night out, ranging from fun artistic events, relaxing yoga, and charity based work. 

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We offer training programs for 5Ks, 10Ks, 1/2 Marathons, and Spartan races. Check out our 2019 race calendar and come run with us! 

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