What about modifications or what if I can't do every exercise?

- Modifications will be available for all participants. Feel free at any time to flag down the instructor to ask for modifications. Instructors will try their best to review modifications prior to each workout. It is OK if you can't do every exercise, modifications will be available for all. 

When to start?

- Right now! Please ony sign up if you have had your 6 week post partum visit. 

What if my baby cries the entire time?

- That is OK. We are all moms, have been there, and no one cares. Do what you need to do to calm the baby and if you have to leave early, that is OK. I will provide an at home workout for you after class. I do recommend having snacks, toys, distractions in general handy! 

What if I don't have a baby?

 -That's OK! The more the merrier. If you show up without a stroller, exercises will be modified to be done without the stroller. There are modifications for everything :)

I don't run, should I still join?

-YES! Running is not a requirement for class. There will be cardio segments, but all participants will have the option to walk, power walk, jog, run. 

What to bring?

-A mat, water, and distractions for kiddos. 

What is the age limit for kids?

- As long as your child fits in the stroller or baby carrier, they are welcome. Both classes have time at the end for the kiddos to join in on the exercises or cardio portion of class.